Firefox Send - Self-destructing file sharing service

Firefox Send - Self-destructing file sharing service

Firefox Send - Self-destructing file sharing service

You likely know of Mozilla's browser, Firefox. This went away when we updated to the latest version of the browser.

Meet Firefox Send, a free, encrypted file-transfer service. It allows you to send files via a link to anyone and set conditions for access like a time period or number of downloads before the file expires. Anyone can upload files up to 1GB in size, but users will need an account before they can upload files between 1GB and 2.5GB. Firefox Send gets around that issue, at least for files 1GB of smaller.

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"By default, files are stored for a maximum of either 24 hours or 7 days". For those seeking extra privacy, shared files can also be locked with a passphrase. Only the sender has access to the files and the intended receiver of the files, who will be able to decrypt the files automatically when they finish downloading.

Why it matters: Sending large files to others can be a tricky process sometimes.

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Files sent this way are end-to-end encrypted and links can be set to expire so there's no risk to security.

Mozilla's offering is hardly innovative, but it's easy to use and feels less cumbersome than other services. This concept is in vogue right now; Snapchat-like impermanence was also mentioned by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as a core tenet for privacy and security in that company's stated future plans.

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Nowadays, just about every file sharing service keeps the users' uploaded files unencrypted, or they may even mine the users' data for information the services could use to target you with more personalized ads. An Android app is expected to launch in beta this week. "So, it felt natural to graduate one of our popular Test Pilot experiments, Firefox Send,".

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