Is Google giving up on making its own Chrome OS devices?

Is Google giving up on making its own Chrome OS devices?

Is Google giving up on making its own Chrome OS devices?

This news certainly puts Google's computer hardware efforts into question, but don't think for a second that Google will lift its foot from the pedal on Chrome OS and Chromebooks on the whole.

According to one source, "a bunch of stuff was in the works" that will most likely now be shelved as part of "roadmap cutbacks" - essentially ending work on products that were previously planned for late 2019 and beyond. Since the market is insanely competitive and margins are low, it seems Google decided that perhaps it would be best to concentrate its efforts on its products that are doing well for now.

A Google spokesperson declined Business Insider's request for comment.

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Considering these cutbacks aren't necessarily permanent - Google has asked employees to seek temporary roles within other divisions - there's still a possibility that certain people will be transferred back to the Create team after the current situation has been assessed.

Google's hardware division has grown exponentially in recent years, thanks to the success of its smart speakers and Pixel smartphones.

Manufacturing jobs have reportedly not been affected which implies that Google is only reassessing its plans for future products and the near-term devices will be launched as per plans. The Pixelbook, like the Chromebook Pixel before it, is just a high-end Chrome OS laptop.

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Rumors of a Pixelbook 2 have been swirling since the company's hardware event last October though it has yet to be released. Was reception to the tablet so poor that it scared Google away from computer hardware entirely - at least for now? This would suggest that Google has only canceled long-term products and has the intention of completing its near-term devices.

Downsizing its laptop and tablet division comes nearly three years after Google unified its hardware efforts under the leadership of Osterloh. The longtime tech reviewer Walt Mossberg said that the Pixel C represents "an object lesson in what Google shouldn't do if it pursues home-grown integration of hardware and software". Since then, sources tell us that pressure has increased to make hardware at Google into a "real business".

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