Kerr jokes about lipreading of him slamming Draymond

Kerr jokes about lipreading of him slamming Draymond

Kerr jokes about lipreading of him slamming Draymond

The Warriors had beaten the Suns 18 straight times, including three wins by an average of 17.6 points this season.

Steve Kerr acknowledged using an expletive to air his frustrations with Draymond Green when speaking to assistant coach Mike Brown during Sunday's 115-111 loss to the lowly Suns. "We're complaining too much to the referees and we're spending too much energy arguing with the refs instead of just playing".

Kerr joked about the situation Monday, his way of moving on from it.

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Though Kerr shed no light on the precise source of his exasperation, league sources indicated at least part of it was related to Green and other Warriors making it a habit to question, sometimes aggressively, calls by officials. We need that energy, especially this time of the year.

He said: "The lip-readers were wrong". "What I said was, 'I beg to differ with Draymond's approach tonight.' Those are my exact words".

Or, who knows, maybe he got cut off when he was in the middle of saying "I'm so f-g exhausted of Draymond not getting the accolades and love he deserves for providing a spark of fire to a team that's otherwise veering into dangerously self-pitying and overly corporate territory, a team that has more than enough talent to win the title yet again but could torpedo that chance with an over-reliance on self rather than collective". I don't think that helped last night. He was suspended by the team for a game in November when he reportedly dared Kevin Durant to leave the team in free agency when an in-game argument spilled into the locker room. We've got to build better habits. The Warriors long ago got all the benefits of idolization, and now we're all in full shred-down mode. We've got to stay connected emotionally.

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"It's 2019", Kerr said.

Everybody on the team is responsible for this rough 6-4 stretch, but one player, in particular, is a big reason for the Warriors' struggles and will be crucial to lifting the team back to their winning ways.

"George Orwell was right", Kerr reflected. He wrote 1984. The title should have been 2012 or something. Coaching guys at this level can't be easy, and coaches likely say much worse about players throughout the game - it just doesn't get caught on camera. It's modern life. Everything is recorded.

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