Marvel What If TV Show In the Works for Disney+

Marvel What If TV Show In the Works for Disney+

Marvel What If TV Show In the Works for Disney+

There is no shortage of Marvel projects coming down the pipeline over at Disney's yet-to-be-released online streaming platform. I just love the idea of a What If? animated series, because I've always loved the What If? comics, which have the freedom to tell any story they want, kill any character they want, and do all kinds of insane junk you could never get away with in your average Marvel Comic.

Marvel is reportedly set to produce an animated series based on the popular "What If?" comics for the upcoming Disney+ streaming service. The line, which debuted in February 1977, revolved around the premise of changing key moment in Marvel history to radically affect specific characters or the world as a whole. What about if Spider-Man's Uncle Ben survived?

Marvel reportedly developing 'What If?' animated anthology series for Disney+

The comics for What If have kind of went on and off over the years, but I think it would be interesting to bring these imaginary scenarios to the MCU. Each episode of the What If series will look at how the Marvel Cinematic Universe might have ended up differently by posing a big question that would alter major events. Some of situations altered for the series were What If?: Civil War, What If?: Secret Wars, What If?: Secret Invasion, What If?: Dark Avengers, What If?: Avengers Vs X-Men, What If?: Age Of Ultron and What If?: Infinity.

Whatever happens, it's quite clear Marvel fans won't be starving for new and exciting content going forward. And the hope is that the studios can convince their live action counterparts to contribute as well.

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It is said the idea for the What If? animated series is that some of the main MCU actors could return to voice characters, which would imagine alternate possibilities from another dimension.

On the other hand, the What If TV show could be a hugely successful property. There's an Investors Meeting scheduled for April 11, with some speculating that Disney will finally lay out their cards there.

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