Ontario classrooms to ban cellphones

Ontario classrooms to ban cellphones

Ontario classrooms to ban cellphones

Enforcement of the ban would be up to individual boards and schools.

Harvey Bischof, president of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation, said it doesn't sound like the policy will differ from what is already happening in schools.

"Obviously for emergency purposes, for medical purposes and for specific courses that require technological platforms - they'd be permissible", Progressive Conservative MPP Stephen Lecce told CTV News Toronto.

The formal announcement of the ban is expected in the near future.

"You think of a school that has hundreds or thousands of students coming into the building", he said.

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"It falls to us to make sure that we have expectations for students around how they use those devices ethically and effectively", says Davidson "And how we supervise students to help ensure that they don't use them in a way that damages the learning of themselves or of others".

Starting in September, Ontario students will still be able to bring cellphones to school, but won't be allowed to take them out in class.

This proposed regulation will strictly prohibit the use of cellphones during instructional periods.

"I think we really need to think progressively about this and say, 'OK, this technology is here, it's real".

The Ontario government is planning to ban cellphones from classrooms.

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While input on changing the sex education curriculum dominated headlines, education consultations conducted over the past year gathered feedback on the potential to ban cellphones from classrooms, the Canadian Press article states.

The Ontario Public School Boards' Association did not provide comment Tuesday, but in its submission to the government consultations it had urged the province to continue allowing school boards to make their own decisions. The board has previously said that enforcing an outright ban was next to impossible, and said that to curb technology use would be to place limits on educational opportunities as well.

Spokesman Ryan Bird said the TDSB encourages appropriate uses of technology in classrooms.

Just across the country, a Victoria middle school became the first school in its district to ban cellphones in school when it implemented the policy for the 2018-19 school year.

The reason is the claim that cell phones are a distraction in class, and without them students will focus on the lesson being taught. These improvements were mostly demonstrated among the students who were typically "low achieving".

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