Trump says Europe is 'being ripped apart' by Brexit

Trump says Europe is 'being ripped apart' by Brexit

Trump says Europe is 'being ripped apart' by Brexit

Ministers will seek to maintain existing protections for the lamb industry, by applying the full tariff rate to sheepmeat products entering the UK.

The Government has insisted it will not create a border down the Irish Sea, as there will be no checks on goods moving between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

But the plan would only be temporary and would exclude a selection of sensitive imports, including some agricultural products such as beef, lamb, pork and some dairy, as well as auto imports and some other products.

The announcement comes just hours after members of parliament voted against prime minister Theresa May's "new" Brexit deal by 391 votes to 242 - a majority of 149 votes.

The UK has revealed they will unilaterally apply no tariffs and introduce no new checks or controls on goods at the Irish border in the event of no-deal Brexit, with critics warning such a system could be exploited by smugglers.

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A 10.6% tariff on imported cars could raise the cost of the average family vehicle by £1,500.

Goods will move tariff free between the Republic and Northern Ireland, but the British government will slap on tariffs for goods travelling to the rest of the UK.

Zero tariffs would be applied to items such as footwear, aluminium and steel, machinery, paper and wood products, and weapons and ammunition.

The government said it recognises that Northern Ireland's businesses and farmers will have concerns about the impact that the government's approach will have on their competitiveness.

He argued that businesses may not comply with new legal obligations in a no-deal scenario "leading to the likelihood of a step change in the scale and significance of smuggling and organised crime".

PM Theresa May faces challenge despite securing key Brexit changes
Geoffrey Cox, the attorney general, has delivered his legal advice to cabinet and it confirms that nothing has changed. . The " Irish backstop " is an insurance policy that will ensure there is no hard border in Ireland.

Goods crossing the border from Ireland into Northern Ireland would not be covered by the new import tariff regime. Small businesses trading across the border and not now Value-Added Tax registered would be able to report Value-Added Tax online periodically, without any new processes at the border.

Northern Ireland Secretary Karen Bradley said: "The Government has been clear that a deal with the European Union is the best outcome for Northern Ireland".

Cutting import tariffs on imported goods would ease the hit to British consumers from an expected jump in inflation in the event of a no-deal Brexit which would probably cause sterling to tumble and make imports more expensive.

It says the plan recognises the unique circumstances of Northern Ireland. These arrangements can only be temporary and short-term. Meanwhile, a report by MPs from the influential public accounts committee on Tuesday said that the United Kingdom government's preparations for a no-deal Brexit have been "rushed", "risky", and "over-optimistic".

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