Valve brings back game streaming with Steam Link Anywhere

Valve brings back game streaming with Steam Link Anywhere

Valve brings back game streaming with Steam Link Anywhere

While the company swiftly killed off production of the original Steam Link box and controller in November of 2018, they have been working in secret on a software implementation of the same concept in the form of Steam Link Anywhere.

Steam Networking Sockets APIs isn't as flashy (and that "flash" is definitely relative) but is aimed squarely at developers, and could be even more significant to Steam's fortunes given the pressure it's facing from the Epic Games Store: It enables developers to run their game traffic through Valve's own private gaming network, providing players "faster and more secure connections". It should be added that iOS users are now out of luck, as Apple keep rejecting Valve's attempts to get the app on the App Store.

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The feature is in beta for the moment and there are a few caveats to keep in mind, but this is a truly exciting update and helps illuminate just how powerful game streaming will be in the next few years.

This means you can play your Steam games on a PC not tied to your network. Your Steam Client also needs to be on the latest beta build, which will be dated March 13 or newer.

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The feature is now available in early beta and is free of charge to all Steam users through the Steam Link device or app. You'll be given a pairing code which you'll need to use to connect with your Steam library on the host PC.

Valve's Steam Link hardware might be dead, but Steam Link as a service is getting a pretty major upgrade.

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Update: Dec. 20, 2018 - Valve is no longer selling the Steam Link hardware, but it will continue to update and support the Steam Link app going forward. You can play games from your PC anywhere you have an internet connection.

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