5 tips on how to keep you kidneys healthy

5 tips on how to keep you kidneys healthy

5 tips on how to keep you kidneys healthy

On this World Kidney Day, the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), part of the National Institutes of Health, joins organizations around the world in highlighting the importance of this year's theme, "Kidney Health for Everyone, Everywhere".

Today, on World Kidney Day, we give you 5 valuable tips on how to keep your kidneys healthy!

Exercise is the cornerstone for good health, but it's also good for maintaining and improving kidney functions.

As 26 people die while waiting for a kidney transplant, WKD is meant to raise awareness about the conditions of the kidney.

According to Braimoh: "The major challenge we faced in the management of kidney disease in Nigeria is inadequate finance".

Know your risk. If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, or a family history of kidney failure, you are at higher risk of kidney problems. Chronic kidney disease is common in people with obesity.

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Another preventable cause, particularly in an Indian context, is renal tract stone disease.

"Lots of people die mostly, not because of the disease, but due to lack of finance to treat the kidney disease".

Attendees underwent checks for weight, high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Some antibiotics can be harmful to the kidneys, so taking antibiotics without consulting your doctor is never a good idea. Studies have also shown patients with CKD are less likely to be provided recommended "optimal" PAD care.

The Principal of the Post Basic School of Nursing, Mrs Titi Segun-Agboola, explained that the body uses kidney organ to cleanse the blood while likening it to the "environmental sanitation of the organ of the body".

More information on topics including early detection, signs and symptoms is available on the Kidney Foundation website.

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Kidney disease can be detected by the doctor after performing certain tests to check the functionality of the organ.

As the world marks the 2019 World Kidney Day, a Consultant Nephrologist, Dr Yemi Raji, emphasized low salt intake to reduce risk of kidney disease.

Even in early stages of compromised kidney functions, lifestyle changes will help.

The CardioVascular Coalition (CVC) is comprised of national organizations representing physicians, care providers, advocates, and manufacturers who came together to advance community-based solutions created to improve awareness and prevention of cardiovascular disease and peripheral artery disease, reduce geographic disparities in access to care, and secure patient access to high-quality, cost-effective, community-based interventional treatment across America.

As kidney disease usually does not go away with medications or time and has the tendency of worsening over time, it is better to take small steps at the right time.

He said: "We know from experience that most kidney diseases tend to occur in the middle and low socioeconomic group to which the population here belongs". After all, the kidneys do perform some critical functions for all of us.

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